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Yes-we can delivery by land and now water (north east areas of the Rehoboth Bay) for daily or multi-day rentals. Most delivery locations have a delivery fee of $29 and that includes the pickup as well.  

All rentals include paddles and life jackets. Additional life jackets are $5 per vest.  Be safe and always take a phone with you on the water in case of emergency.  We do sell Dry-PAKs so let us know if you need us to bring you one.  

On your scheduled day of pickup, please have all gear rinsed off and gathered up and out of the water; visible for our drivers to pick up. Don't forget the paddles and life vests. 

Delivery Service by Water.  We can now deliver gear to you in Dewey or Rehoboth if you are along North East perimeter of the Rehoboth Bay.  The water is shallow.  Just walk out and we can drop gear off to you by boat.  This includes visitors to the Delaware Seashore State Park.  We will meet you with gear out on the water.  Tower Road, New Road, Rehoboth/Lewes canal south of Rt. 1, Rehoboth Country Club, areas near Bald Eagle Creek.  Best at High Tide.

Drivers Graciously Accept Tips

Boat Delivery