Rentals, Lessons and Guided Excursions at These Locations

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GPS Address is 136 Dagsworthy Street, Dewey Beach, Delaware

Parking on Dagsworthy Street is FREE Before 10 a.m. and After 5 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Use Park Mobile APP other days/times.

Broadkill Fun

Broadkill River, Milton, DE - By Appointment Only

202 Chandler Street, Milton, DE

Milton Public Boat Ramp

Your Private Waterfront Venue or Community

Got a sweet waterfront spot in Southern Delaware?  Invite us to your Private Waterfront Location or into your community and we will bring a fleet of boards and a fun instructor for your group of 8 or more.  Please make sure to give us any gate code info. Make your private excursion one to remember!  Min. of 8 people.

The Rehoboth Beach Shop has Moved to Our Dewey Beach Concession 


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