IMG 1358PLEASE MAKE A RESERVATION TO LOOK AT RENTAL FLEET BOARDS AND KAYAKS BEGINNING THE 21ST OF August.  Mornings are not a good time.  Afternoons between 2 pm and 5 pm are best.

  • Crescent Splashback Single Kayak w/ Paddle and Vest w/ Whistles are $399. (New this package would be over $600).  Limited number of singles available. 
  • 10' and 11' TAHE Cross Beach SUP Package with Paddle and Adult Vest or Youth Vest.  $599 (New This package would be over $1000).
  • Upgrade PFD to Belt Pack for $40.  (Belt PFDs are $79-$99)
  • Delivery is $29 per vessel.

Paddleboards can be picked up after our sound bowl healing float on 9/18/23.



If you have a used board or kayak that you'd like to sell, list it with us on consignment.  We charge 20% of selling price as our fee.

Consignment is a great solution for folks who initially started with a beginner board and now you'd like to get a touring board or a race board.  Or for the person who just doesn't get the amount of use out of their board that they had hoped.  Some people sell their board because they just plain ole' need the money.  Many would prefer we sell it for them so they have to be bothered with strangers from Craig's list or Facebook.  Privacy is also a consideration.  You don't ever have to meet the person who purchases your board face to face.

Complete the form below and we will add your board to our used listing on our website, our facebook page, our shopping cart and once in a while we have room in our shop.  Be sure to include images of top, bottom, nose and tail.  Remember, our fee is 20% of the selling price.

Currently for consignment is a 12-6 Riviera Voyager.  Amber color about 6 years old.  Minor scratches and dings. Reduced from $625 to $525 on 6/24/23.  Board is located on Kent Island.  If interested, please call to make an appointment to see it. 

12 6 voyager amber large