Wing Rentals

Wing foiling or wingsurfing is a water sport that developed from kitesurfingwindsurfing and surfing.  The surfer, standing on a board, holds a wing which the surfer puts into the wind. It generates both upward force and sideways propulsion and thus moves the board across the water. With the development of foilboards, which plane very early on a hydrofoil and thereby lift off the water, the ideal board or complementary product for the wings was created and wing foiling became rapidly popular.  (Source Wikipedia)

We offer rentals using Windsurfable Paddleboards with Center Dagger Fins to help prevent wingers from getting blown down wind.

You MUST have kiteboarding or windsurfing experience for us to consider a rental.  No exceptions. 

3 Rental Options Available

  • Wing & Pump Rental - Using Your Board from $49 for 2 Hours
  • Wing, Pump and Our Windsup Board from $89 for 2 Hours
  • Wing, Pump and Foil Board (Advanced Skill Set ONLY) from $199 for 8 Hours
  • Parking is FREE on Dagsworthy Street until 10 a.m. each day. 
  • Parking in Dewey Beach is $3/hr via Park Mobile

135 Dagsworthy Street, Dewey Beach, De