Fun Things to Do 2019

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2019 Demo Day - Bay Resort Motel, Sunday, May 19th 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., Weather Permitting

Collage Boards

Just what really is the difference between an inflatable, an all-round board, a cross over and a touring board?  Confused by all the different types of construction?  What is the best board for families, kids, pets, boats, surfing, touring, recreational use?   What boards are light, heavy?  Which boards should be stored in a board bag? Is there a difference between a $600 board and a $1400 board?  What's the difference between aluminum paddles and carbon paddles?   What are the PROs/CONs of fixed length paddles over adjustable paddles?

This demo event is geared to answer all of these questions and help you make an informed decision.

Sign up to feel and understand the difference.  This special event is $10pp (regular price is $75) and the fee can be applied towards purchase or any guided excursion later in the summer.  Advanced Reservations Required.  Call 302.260.9008 to reserve.  135 Dagsworthy Street, Dewey Beach, DE 19971.  






Blue Moon Paddle

Enjoy a full moon rise from the water before it gets too cold. Glide along the calm and shallow Rehoboth Bay. This excursion will experience a sunset and full moon rise (condition/weather dependent).

Included is a lesson a guide all gear, safety equipment, photography. Not included is Dewey Beach Parking fees and gratuity for your guide.

VIPs are welcome for FREE on your board or use one of our boards for FREE if you bring a paying customer.

Full Moon Dates in 2019 Are as Follows:
May 18, June 17, July 16, August 15, September 14
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floating Fire pit

Floating Fire Pit with S'mores

Nothing speaks summertime more than a campire with Smores.  This experience provides SMOREs like never before!

Paddle out to a floating fire pit where you'll enjoy roasted marshmallows and pairing that up with graham crackers and chocolate for that nostalgic feeling you got when you were a kid sitting around a campfire. Sing camp fire songs as you soak up the summer evening.  Minimum age is 12 y/o and some prior paddle boarding or kayaking experience is required. Bring a head lamp if you have one. Reservations required. Weather permitting.

Rent a board or kayak for this event.  If you are a VIP customer, you can bring your board and join in for FREE or bring a paying customer and use one of our boards for FREE.

2019 Floating Fire Pit Dates - May 18, June 17