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Our primary beach concession in Dewey is open at 8.30 a.m. in season, Memorial Day - Labor Day 7 days a week.  (Weather permitting).  We close when the winds or threat of storms get in the way of you having a safe and enjoyable experience.  We pick several nights durng the week to stay open late so you can enjoy a sunset.  Parking is free.  Check our online calendar to see what's available.

After Labor Day, we're open 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. through the end of September.    

Rentals and lessons offered daily, in season in Dewey Beach at 8:30 &10am everyday.  After labor Day, we only offer private excursions.

Our goal is first- to keep you safe, and second-to make sure you have a great experience!

Paddleboarding for beginners is best in the morning or evening.  Typically the winds are lighter during those times. However if it's too windy on the day of your excursion, we can always relocate to the Broadkill River in Milton which is about 20 minutes NW of Dewey.

Kayaks have a lower profile and are more effective in the wind. Beginners will have the best experience kayaking when winds are less than 12-14 mph. When winds exceed 15 mph, things gets choppy and adventurous!  

Windsurfing lessons are best in late morning to afternoons, due to our summer afternoon sea breezes.

Summary for Beginners to Have the Best Experience.

  • Paddleboarding - Less than 10 MPH - Usually Morning and Evening
  • Kayaking - Less than 12-14 MPH
  • Windsurfing - Between 8-16 MPH
  • At 23 - 25 MPH, Small Craft Advisories go into effect - we will close the bay concession and re-route all tours inland to seek shelter from the wind.