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Like humans, some dogs are better swimmers than others. And like all swimmers, they will eventually tire. Even a good swimmer might be disoriented from the shock of falling in the water. Most pet life jackets are designed to keep the animal in a horizontal swimming position. The UnderDOG is different. By moving 90% of the effective buoyancy under the chest and neck, the vest is designed to allow a more natural swim angle with the hind legs lower than the front.
UnderDog MTI502A Putting the flotation under the dog supports a dog's natural swim angle. 90% of the floatation is in the water under the chest & neck 4 points of adjustment for fit Reinforced grab handles & leash attachment point Pup-proof Cordura® & Ripstop fabric with reflective panels Test in shallow water before regular boating use Sizes: XS (2-12 lb), S (12-24 lb), M (24-60 lb), L (60-90 lb), XL (90-120 lb) Part #: #5030/502A Colors: Red Cordura®/Blue Ripstop, Red Cordura®/Mango
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