Save Your Hair - Solar Recover

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The criteria for this product was to create an all natural fine mist to spray into hair that is saturated with salt water to keep natural moisture in and to detangle: This makes it rather unique in addition to its other uses. •We use it daily after showering and towel drying. •It?s a great leave in conditioner and can even be used on dry hair to add a little moisture. •Many mothers we know use it on their daughter's hair in the morning to detangle dry knotted hair instantly. It's another one of those products that has multiple uses, and if you're going to spend any time at the beach there is nothing better than Save Your Hair to control beach frizzys. INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, natural vitamin E, avocado oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, calendula, lavender oil, and lemon grass oil. UNIQUE PRODUCTS, UNIQUE SERVICES, ALL A PRODUCT OF PASSION
While we were testing Save Your Skin in the tropics we were also diving daily and Charlene's hair was getting so tangled in her dive mask that we would have to rip it to get it out.
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