USED 2018 BIC Performer 9'2" (2 Seasons)

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USED 2018 BIC Performer 9'2"
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Kids have had a blast on these 9-2 SUPs for the past 2 summers.  These boards are great used boards for kids and they'll be in your family for the next 10 years.  

If you’re looking for a board to be equally at home surfing a wave as is relaxing on the local lake, look no further than the Performer series. We’ve blended surf-inspired longboard outlines for solid wave performance with confidence-inspiring stability and a moderate rocker profile for versatility in flat-water conditions.

Find the size that’s right for you and join the thousands of riders who’ve made the Performer series an international best-seller.

9'2" 31"1/2 24 lbs 145 L ACE-TEC
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