Buoyant Lanyard

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Features: -Compatible with Watershot® PRO, Dive & SPLASH Camera Housings. -Floats: Watershot® PRO, Dive & SPLASH Camera Housings, phone installed, with the exception of the iPhone 6/6s Plus Housing. -Comfortable wrist strap style design -Easy adjustability with attached spring fastener -Dimensions: L 8.8" x W 1.8" x D 5.3" (22.4cm x 4.6cm x 13.5cm) Wt: 0.12lbs WARNING & CAUTION: The Watershot® Buoyant Lanyard is tested to 30lbs of pulling force. If used in extreme conditions (heavy surf, etc.) the Buoyant Lanyard may be subjected to forces exceeding 30lbs, so Watershot recommends that you either add an additional wrist lanyard or use the wrist lanyard packaged with the Housing as an additional security leash. This will ensure that the Housing remains connected to your wrist in the event the Buoyant Lanyard is stripped from the Housing. The Buoyant Lanyard is designed to float any Watershot® Camera Housing with the associated phone installed, with the exception of the Watershot® Pro Housing for the iPhone 6/6s Plus. If you are adding additional accessories onto the Housing (mounts, lenses, etc.) be sure to check the buoyancy of your customized rig to ensure that the Buoyant Lanyard is capable of floating your entire rig.
Relieve the separation anxiety, from your Watershot® PRO, Dive or SPLASH Housing. The Watershot® Buoyant Lanyard ensures it will be safely floating on the water’s surface under most conditions. Easy to install onto any Watershot® Housing, this accessory will provide you with some additional peace of mind.
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