Chinook RDM KIDS MAST, 2-PIECE Epoxy 270-370 cm

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These masts are designed for young light sailors. Epoxy fiberglass construction for great durability and value. New designs with better construction and performance. Made in Europe. Available in 270cm, 315cm, 340cm, and 370cm. All Reduced Diameter (RDM).
Size Stiffness Bend Curve Flex Type Weight Kid 270cm N/A N/A Constant Curve 2.55 lbs / 1.16 kl Kid 315cm N/A N/A Constant Curve 3.30 lbs / 1.50 kl Kid 340cm N/A N/A Constant Curve 3.95 lbs / 1.80 kl Kid 370cm N/A N/A Constant Curve 4.50 lbs / 2.05 kl
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