So you did it! You decided to purchase your board from us and now it’s time to get on the water! You are welcome to bring your board and launch with us at any of our venues for FREE! (excludes town or park parking fees, SUP yoga, Hipaha, NightSUP and some special events). We’re happy to turn you on to some cool venues so you’ll feel comfortable going on your own. We’ll also help when it comes to safety, tide training.

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Free Excursions for Life

Upcoming Excursions VIPs are Welcome to Hop on Board

Please let us know if you are coming. You must have your board on the beach ready to launch with the group on time. We’re so sorry, but we can not hold a group back for you if you are late.

Don’t forget to tip your guide. :)

Excursion  Availability Availability Day
Group Lesson Dewey Beach 2018-05-12 @ 10:00am Saturday
Sunset Paddleboard Excursion - Rehoboth Bay 2018-05-18 @ 06:30pm Friday
Floating FirePit with SMORE's on the Water 2018-05-19 @ 08:30pm Saturday
Sunset Paddleboard Excursion - Broadkill River 2018-05-26 @ 06:00pm Saturday
Floating FirePit with SMORE's on the Water 2018-06-16 @ 08:30pm Saturday
Sunset Dolphin Paddleboard Excursion 2018-07-12 @ 06:30pm Thursday