The PROs and CONs of Touring Boards

Touring Board have a displaced front end (pointed), unlike the flat surface (planing hull) of an all-round board, which has a traditional surf style shape.  The displacement is a huge benefit and helps a touring board to cut through chop like a warm knife through butter.  A planing hull (allround board) will smack chop, which causes a slower and more bumpy ride.


  • Touring Boards paddle in a straight line very well.  These are great boards for people looking for a nice ride, a work out or they'd like to travel a bit of a distance, like down the Bethany Canal, up the Broadkill River or even a downwinder on the Delaware Bay from Broadkill Beach to Lewes Beach on a NORTH Wind.
  • Touring boards glide with less effort than all around boards; especially in choppy conditions.  When you stand still with no paddling in a gentle current, side by side with an all-round board, the touring board will get ahead.
  • Touring boards have more space for your child or pet to ride along.  A 12'6" touring board can have up to 280 ltrs. of volume.  This means it can hold up to about 295 lbs. of cargo.
  • Touring boards handle Delmarva back bay or ocean chop better than an all-round board.  Especially on the Delaware Bay, Rehoboth Bay, Indian River Bay or Assawoman Bays.
  • Touring boards are generally faster than all round boards. If you have a need for speed, get a touring board.  Paddlers riding all-round boards typically never win races.
  • Learning to surf waves is challenging and most paddleboarders never surf.  They stay in the backbays, rivers, lakes, bays and canals.  For these venues, touring boards work great.
  • BIC makes a CROSS 10' and 11' and it has minor displacement.  The flat surface makes for a great stable back bay board that can actually even surf waves.


  • Touring Board are larger, more board to carry, store and transport. Touring boards are around 30-34 lbs. unless you get an inflatable touring board.  This is one of the reasons women choose the smaller, lighter allround boards.  BOTE makes a 10-6 touring board that works well for women.
  • Touring Boards are not designed for surfing waves.  If you want to surf, really surf by making turns on a wave face, get an all-round board or a BIC Cross 10'.
  • Touring Boards can be a little harder to turn. With some practice, turning becomes a non-issue.

We have 2018 touring boards on year end clearance for $899 with a paddle.  The regular price for this package would be $1279.  This is a great time of year to purchase a paddle board.