We Bend Over Backwards to Make You Happy
  1. CUSTOMERS WHO BUY BOARDS FROM US GET FREE LESSONS & EXCURSIONS FOR LIFE!  We call our board customers VIPS.  This means you can bring your paddle board along on our regularly offered SUP excursions offered in season, forever.  Online stores could never offer this.
  2. We are in TAX FREE Delaware.
  3. We take the time to educate consumers on board shapes, board sizes, board construction, safety, paddle technique, gear care, transport, etiquette, venues, tide charts and wind APPs.
  4. We offer TRY BEFORE YOU BUY paddle board demos.  There is a $50 fee which is 100% applicable towards purchase if you buy the same day of your demo.  
  5. We offer simple layaway programs for Christmas and Summer.  Don't fall for the new financing options being offered on line.  The finance charges are anywhere from 10% - 30%.  Layaway is much better. 
  6. You get a discount off all future accessory purchases after your initial board and paddle purchase (board bags, ding sticks, life vests, clothing, etc.).   You can not combine this discount with other sales or discounts.  10% Discount if Paid by Cash/Check.  8%  Discount if Paid by Credit.  
  7. We have a rental credit program where you can apply up to $50 of rental credit towards the purchase of a new stand up paddle board within 7 days of your rental.  This credit can not be combined with other discounts.
  8. We offer a comparative low price guarantee. If you get a printed price quote from one of our local competitors, we will match the price for a comparable board.
  9. We bend over backwards to make sure you are happy.  We'll even promote your vacation rental home on our website.
  10. Read our reviews on Trip Advisor and YELP and see what others say about us.