2016 Used Kayaks

All remaining kayaks from the 2016 rental fleet have been sold.  We sell our 2017 Rental Fleet beginning in August 2017.

If you would like to hop on board on 2017 Pre-Season Kayak Order, you can save 10% on New Kayaks and you get to choose your color.  Orders must be placed and paid for by 3/15/17.  Pre-Season Price for a Single (with Seat and Paddle) is $539.10.  Pre-Season Order for Tandem with Seats and Paddle is $809.10.   We sell Crescent Splash I and Splash II kayaks.

At the end of the summer, this is how we price our used kayaks.

Used Singles are $399 with a seat and paddle.

Used Tandems are $599 and also include seats and paddles.


  • Used MTI Inflatable Belt Pack PFDs $89
  • Used Standard Life Vests $25

Kayaks 2


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