Here’s what our rockin’ customers have to say about their adventures with us.

Trip Advisor Reviews

08/13/15 – Thank you! Mike was great, awesome adventure!!  You were right, Bethany canal the best place for  beginners. Loved it!  – Cris

08/06/15 – We are having a great time with your kayaks. This is our first time and we absolutely love the experience. They were dropped off promptly to us around 4:00 today.   Thanks so much…..Clara T.

07/27/15 - Last night my husband and I went paddle boarding down on the Bethany Canal. It was AMAZING!! We both really enjoyed ourselves. We had great weather and our guide was awesome!!!! We appreciate the office staying in touch with weather and location changes. All together it was a great experience and I can’t wait to go again.  Melissa.

07/02/15 – Thanks. The service and prompt attention was very well received!  Lewin

06/28/15 – My name is Maci and my boyfriend and I went paddle boarding today for the first time with George as our instructor. I just wanted to say how great of an experience it was and how helpful of an instructor George was as well.

Thanks for everything,


06/15/15 -

Hi Janis!


It was great! I think everyone had a really nice time. Kim did an amazing job of putting it all together and I would love to do it again next year! You have a really great staff and I’m looking forward to getting a few of the DE SPCA staff to come down and rent some boards for the day. I truly cannot say I would change one thing about the setup/location. My wife, son and I each bought a t-shirt and we are treating them like gold since we like them so much. I’d actually be interested in purchasing a few more in case something ever happens to mine. Thank you so much for thinking of our shelter. It was great to see so many people doing such a fun activity with their dogs:)




Ryan Griffith

Delaware SPCA Georgetown Shelter

6/28/14 – I had my first-ever windsurfing experience…a 2 hour lesson from Will.  It was awesome, and as a result, I will definitely be getting into this sport.  Will was an excellent instructor – he was experienced, knowledgeable, instructive, and (importantly!) patient.  Under his tutelage I made rapid progress and I can’t wait for my next windsurfing adventure.  Thanks a lot!   Best regards, T.J.

09/21/13 – Thanks Janis. Everyone really loved it last night. We really appreciate all you did for us. Thanks, Susie

09/17/13 – Ron and I had an excellent time. Mike was a perfect teacher! Thanks a bunch. Patti and Ron W.

9/2/13 – We enjoyed our excursion and the guides were professional and courteous. We will use you in the future again. Thanks! HP

8/30/13 – This morning (at Sassafras Landing) was amazing. Glassy water and I saw a bald eagle. Thanks. SH

8/24/13 – I have been enjoying my board ever since! It’s great to get out on the water. Thank you again. You are a genuine shop and will always bring my business to you. Philip

8/24/13 – Thanks Janis – it was great! Will was terrific. We had a great time. All 7 of us went in the end. Thank you again!

7/31/13 – Janis, just wanted to say that we all had a fantastic time on our tour today. Our guide Clark was fantastic.

7/25/13 – Janis, as you know we went and had a fabulous time. Our guide was wonderful and patient for all 9 of us (10 counting my 5 year old grand daughter!) especially since all of us were new to the sport. You made fans out of us and we look forward to our next trip and possible purchase of a board. Your company was wonderful to deal with from beginning to end. Thank you for making this a great experience for my family and friends. MB

7/13/13 – Hi Janis, Just wanted to thank you for being so patient with me while deciding what board to purchase. I’m so excited that I finally made a decision with the Margarita-Riviera! Can’t wait to get it out on the water tomorrow and really try it out. You and your entire staff have been so helpful…excellent customer service! I’m thrilled to finally be a part of the local SUP family! Thank so much! KH

6/21/13 – Hi Janis- Just wanted you guys to know that I’m loving my board. I’ve been using it daily and even have my 7 year old sitting on it while we paddle around (and we haven’t fallen off, lol). Also, the paddle is working great. Doesn’t feel too heavy and I’ve had no problems. Thanks, KG

6/1/13 – Thank-you for welcoming those military families and all of the visitors yesterday to our beach. Dick Rogers put it best that even if we touched a few people’s day and made it better, its worth it. Many of the families had no idea we were here and will definitely come back. And the hot dogs were great! It means a lot to anyone to see a smiling face and having lots of them made it even better. Please think of improvements to the event if we decide to do it again next year and email me. www.kittshummockbeach.com, Best, Kelly

6/1/13 – Janis, Thank you all again for a fantastic day out on the water… The entire staff was patient and engaged with the kids… who were by all accounts very excited and off task!! lol. This is by far the greatest “teaching” day of the year for us… we appreciate all your support and look forward to next year already!! See you soon:) Vicki

5/20/13 – Good morning! So we did our Roses and Thorns debrief when we left camp yesterday (you say the best part and the part that needed improvement). Roses without exception were SUP! Many thorns were “Needed more time! Wanted to stay all day!” We had a great time…..thanks so much. You were great with out Scouts! I will put a message out on a Scouter list serve to let them know you guys are Scout -friendly. Even our Scouts who were initially not doing so well on the SUP ended up loving it. Take care! Janet

5/17/13 – George, I’m still feeling the rush of being out there in those swells. Can’t wait for my next trip. Thanks for the sup-venture. Sandor

02/25/12 - Hi Janis, I hope you are having a nice trip in the warmer climates! I just wanted to thank you for arranging the meeting with Shawn to buy my SUP from your shop. Shawn was such a great help – relaxed, looking out for my best interests, and service oriented. He even helped me transport the SUP to our beach house in Fenwick. I’m excited about the purchase and look forward to when things warm up! Thanks, TR

08/31/12- Thank you so much for everything! I am so excited to take my new board out and I know Orla will enjoy it too. NR

08/20/12 – Thanks again for the windsurfing lesson last week. I liked using the RRD Fireride, and getting into the harness. CM

8/5/12 -thanks for the pic and the guided session…..good times…..see you at the shop. if anyone is considering paddleboarding in the delmarva area i highly recommend getting in touch george and the good people at delmarva board sports adventures. yesterday’s tour at cape henlopen was remarkable….i’ll definitely be returning……

7/25/12 – Great two days! They had a blast!
Austin, Nikki and Alison loved it too!

7/25/12 – Thank you for all of your help and patience during our SUP purchase! We appreciate it. Couldn’t wait to get out today! MN

7/13/12 – Janis and George, Thank you so much for a great experience today. George, you are a wonderful guide – thank you for your votes of confidence and genuine spirit! Your instruction was easy and to the point! I can’t WAIT to get my board! Janis, that smile on your face when I said, “What about a white board with the waves . . .” when I was making you and my husband crazy with my indecision, said it all! Can’t wait to do some excursions with you! Please send me the pic George took with his phone . . . want something to compare with after I get buff from the workout ;-). Hugs, DK

7/5/12 – George & Janis – Thanks for a great night. My Brother & Sister in law had a blast as well as my niece and she can not wait to do it again. CB
7/2/12 – Janis, Thanks again for the SUP tour this morning. It was the highlight of our day and we both had a blast. S.T.

6/29/12 – Hi Janis. The board made it to Severna Park intact yesterday and has already been out on the bay a couple times today! The rack stayed on the car and the trusty old Windsurfing Unlimited straps held everything together. Thanks again! P.W.

6/27/12 – I really appreciate all of your help. Both you and Janis have gone above and beyond any service I ever would have expected. A.R.

6/14/12 – George, Lesson was great! Very helpful. I feel much better about my pivot jibes. Tom was able to diagnose lots of things I needed to improve on. I also learned to beachstart, sink the windward rail to better go upwind, and did some clew first work. Chris

6/2/12 – Janis, THANK YOU again for a wonderful day!! My kids will NEVER forget this trip. The experience was amazing to watch… kids went from ‘crawling’ to ‘walking’ in a matter of a few minutes! Thank everyone again for being so kind and patient with their initial apprehension and then over whelming excitement! See you soon. Vicki

5/16/12 – By far the best experience of our 4 day camping trip!! The staff were amazing, friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. George and guys gave is a great tour and we have permanent smiles!! We highly recommend this outfitter for your adventure. Thanks guys – MN

Had my first sesh with my new 120 Liter RRD Limited Edition Freestyle/Wave Board! This board is bad A$$! You were right George, it is the perfect board for me! I’m still buzzing! Thanks!!


Thank you selling me the new WASSUP 10 foot and OxBow carbon paddle. I am a long time windsurfer but a newbie paddleboarder/wave sailor. I have demoed this year a number of convertible SUP boards at Hatteras and Maui as small as 8’ and as long as a 11’6” with varying width. I wasn’t able to demo the WASSUP in the waves so I relied upon your advice. I am happy I did! The WASSUP is perfect for me (I am 6 foot and 190 pounds). It is stable to paddle, catches waves like a dream both paddling and especially sailing, stays upwind (when sailing it) even with current and is the perfect board for me. Unless I become a full time paddler/windsurfer, I believe the WASSUP will give me years of enjoyment and I doubt I will “outgrow” it. My last session at Assateague on 10/27 with a sail was magic – I was catching wave after wave and riding down the line with multiple bottom turns – the rides were just as good as those in Maui in September despite Maui’s superior conditions. I believe this was in large part due to the WASSUP’s design. Finally, I can go to the beach and not worry about being skunked!!! One very cool thing about the 10’ length for me is it fits in Minivan perfectly! JH

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for turning my on to the RRD 90L Special Edition Wave Twin. I was looking for a single board to replace older wave board and my old school 90L bump and jump board. This board is amazingly versatile and easy to learn the new style stand up loose tail feel. I am a larger sailor (6′ , 205 lbs) and find this board the floatiest and easiest to plane small board I’ve ever been on. Once I have it on a plane, the board tracks up wind great and I can maneuver thru tuff conditions with confidence with the short 235cm length. With the twin 16cm fins, I can launch and sail in very shallow conditions which is a huge bonus at the different venues I sail in Delaware. The board is still new to me since I have not sailed waves with it yet, but I am sure it will leave me with a big smile once I get it out there also. I highly recommend this board and thanks again for this magical ride. BR

I had a great weekend on my new Bic Jungle… I’m hooked!!! I’ve attached a couple of photos… Thanks again for all you help on Saturday… Hope to see you again soon…

I took a lesson last Monday with your company, with Colin. I had fun and learned a few things, and I will continue to practice the new things that Colin showed me: beach starting, jibing, and fast tacking. I hope to rent from you guys in the future. CM

Janis- We had SO much fun last night. Colin and Chris were GREAT! They are two employees you want to keep as long as possible! Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and if we are lucky we may have gotten a few more SUP fans.
We were completely new to Paddle Boarding and I had no idea what to expect when we visited the Fenwick location last Saturday. George took the three of us out and was so patient with us, especially me!!! It was a great experience on a beautiful day to learn a new activity, and a much nicer workout on the water than in the gym. Thanks to Janis and George.

I finally made it home to Southern California. I just wanted to thank you again for your amazing kindness and hospitality. I could not have scripted a better day than the one you made possible at the “mud hole”. Your stoke about windsurfing and sup is so refreshing and infectious. It really brought me back to the good old days when it was just fun to go out on a board and plane. If you and your husband are ever on the west coast we would love to host you and share the west coast windsurfing and sup scene with you. My wife is really getting into paddling. I know Dave and my other east coast buddies will be looking you up as they travel to the eastern shore. Keep up the good work. May your tubes be endless and your stoke never die. GOD bless you. — David O.

I just wanted you to know that I had an absolute blast on my birthday, paddling with Rachael and Colin!!! I can’t wait to take my Husband! The Assawoman location was perfect for a first time paddler and is extremely beautiful. SW

I want to thank you for inviting me and my family to try paddle boarding. It was everything you told me it would be and more. We had different ages and everyone loved it, and was very easy to do. We loved the view and the Dolphins that swam nearby. We also saw some horseshoe crabs swimming up to the beach. LR

Cheri and I would just like to thank you guys again for such a fun evening. We really enjoyed meeting you and hearing the story about your amazing entrepreneurial adventure. Very inspiring! We will definitely be coming back to paddle some more with you guys very soon.

Thanks again for today. I had an awesome time! You will definitely be seeing me again next week and will buying my own board very soon! KH

Thanks to Janis, George and Colin. Great time paddling in Fenwick. Looking forward to Cape Henlopen tour and paddle surfing next month. Like Delmarva Board Sport Adventures on Facebook.
Janis, thanks for all of the help in finally getting my board. I love it and it carried nicely on the Jeep all the way home. Thanks to Chris for helping me with securing the board to the Jeep. Got your E-mail on upcoming excursions and I plan to attend some of them. RS
We had the most awesome morning SUP’n out of Delaware. Chris was awesome guide, Janis was amazing and we could not have had a better way to start our morning. THX…guys, BF

Thanks for a nice evening. Everyone stretched their muscles and some of us stretched our definition of what we were capable of. Good stuff, all! The Krewe of Woodlawn. MSM

DelMarva Boardsports is the greatest! George and Janis are great people whose only goal is to help people have fun. I met George over the phone when I was in the process of researching a possible purchase of a SUP crossover. I’m new to SUP and windsurfing and George was awesome! He spent probably a combined couple of HOURS on the phone with me, and then again in person, sharing all kinds of knowledge about different possibilities and differences within the gear before he even knew that I was going to buy anything from him. I ended up buying an entire SUP and windsurfing rig from them. When you are new to a sport it can make such a difference to buy your gear from a knowledgeable source that is going to treat you like a friend and take care of you in an honest and friendly transaction, as opposed to a corporation where you might never speak to the same person twice, if you can even really find someone to take the time to talk to you honestly and answer all of your questions. This is a different buying experience. George was not only so helpful in helping me find the setup that was perfect for me, but they do demos where you can try almost everything before you make a purchase, he showed me how to rig everything, can give you lessons, and even offers to answer any questions that I might have in the future! If you are looking for some fun on the water, you can’t go wrong with DelMarva Boardsports!!!
Brian T
Our entire day was magical and the highlight, without question, was the paddle board experience. Thanks again. All I can say is I’m glad the weather held out and that we were all game! A close second today was lunch at Striper Bites so things are def happening in Lewes. — Elaine

So, my first SUP session – What an amazing experience. So stable, so relaxing, so effortless. Very quickly the board was an extension of my body. Hopefully the first of many. A different venue a different expereince. This would never get boring! – James

Amazing how you make us look so much better than what we really are! Another great day, thanks for the pics. — G

My name is Kristin. Today for my 13th birthday I wanted to try something new. My dad brought me out to the beach and we went Stand-Up Paddling. I had a BLAST! I went out for almost an hour. Its very addicting. I usually stood on my knees but I decided to stand up! It was so much fun and you get a great workout. When I was out with my dad a dolphin came two feet away from me. It was a thrilling experience. I think everyone should try it!!!!!!!

Delmarva Board Sport Adventures offers a fantastic full-service paddling service. They think of everything you might need for a great day out on the water – and make sure it is readily available. They make the introduction to a new sport, easy and comfortable. My friends and I had a great time paddling around Lewes, and are looking forward to our next SUP paddling adventure with DBSA. Michelle
Wow, you’re fast, Janis! Thanks so much for a spectacular evening. So glad I had the opportunity to try paddle-boarding — especially with such an amazing sunset and moonrise! And thanks so much for sharing the photos. They look great! Especially those ones of me falling off my board! :-)
Best, Jill

Wow! I did really love the board and I was able to stay up as long as I wanted. I don’t know what kind of board I was on (not more than 10 seconds at a time) in Hawaii, but after 5 minutes today I was paddling away – and that was in the ocean. My sons & girlfriends all had a turn. It’s a great board to have to take to the beach for people to try. I definitely want to buy something from you. I would like to have something just like I rented, in fact, if you sell those for a good price at the end of the season, I’d be interested. I don’t know if I would have much success on a smaller board. Would I have to go much smaller if I wanted something that could also be used to ride waves? I’m really dreaming here – today’s success has gone to my head. Anyway, this was great. I really enjoyed it. My family really enjoyed it. I will rely on your advice about what I should buy. Thanks! Kim

My daughter and I had a great day on the bay windsurfing for her and SUP for me. George is a great teacher and we really enjoyed the day. Plan to follow-up with more lessons and maybe yoga on the SUP. Highly recommend DelMarVa Sports.– Patti

Over the past couple years I have developed my skills as a windsurfer, but meeting george and janis has really pushed my passion even further. The are both awesome people and do a great running a business that helps people pursue the love for outdoor water activities. I spent time with george on the ocean as he instructed me on technique and know how for wave sailing. His 1 on 1 instruction was spot on for what I would expect from a lesson. His skills as a sailer are very advanced and he is very knowledgable about the sport. When the wind died we went out and did a little Stand up paddle boarding and enjoyed the ocean. If your having thoughts about trying to learn to windsurf or enjoying the benefits of Stand up paddle boarding go out and do it! your time spent on the water will be very worth while and you will get to meet some awesome people. – Colin

Paddled the Broadkill Reiver from Oyster Rock to Lewes boat ramp; this was my first time and I thoroughly enjoyed it – the next morning when I woke up I was planning another paddle; George is a great teacher and I made it without falling off.

GREAT BOARD, GREAT SERVICE, GREAT LIFE EXPERIENCE. I can’t say enough good things about Janis and George. They sell boards, but they really give so much more. I just got the last of my four sons off to college – whoo hoo! Time for me :-) The Diamond Wood board I bought is so easy to stand up on. First time out I went on Sinepuxent Bay. I could see crabs and turtles beneath me, so cool! I can attach a sail to this board. That’s my next adventure – George is going to teach me to wind surf! Life is so very, very good – and even better when on a stand up paddle board!!! K-

Stand up paddle boarding was a surreal and magical experience. Seeing dolphins and watching the sunset was the icing on the cake. One of my most memorable experiences in a long time– thanks so much, guys! – Vicki

Better than great experience! I highly recommend the package that comes with a sunset and a moonrise. You will not believe your eyes. — Irina

Just to let you know that we had lots of fun in our first time stand up paddle boarding and thanks for being so nice to us. — GC

My first time experience with them was awesome! When I was trying to reserve the windsurfing equipment, I was driving so had to reserve the equipment over the phone with Janis. She was very nice and took the credit card info and helped me processed the ordering of rental equipment. The next morning, when I arrived at the beach at the specified time, George was already there, having assembled the equipment ready to go. George was super nice too! I absolutely loved the windsurfing equipment they chose for me and impressed with their knowledge and professionalism, and most important of all, friendly and fun customer service. At the end of the day, I simply had to call George one hour in advance to let him know when I am ready to finish the day and return the rental equipment. George came promptly, while I was still on the board trying to get back. He waited very patiently and even took a photo of me surfing back to the beach against the sunset, and later emailed me the photo. I have to say that I am also very impressed by his photography skills! I am grateful that they chose the RIGHT equipment to suit my level and that day’s wind condition. It was such a pleasant and fun experience. I will no doubt rent from them again and even try some of other sports and activities they run in the future. Thank you Janis and George! — Kylie

Thank you George for a great time on the water! Driving 3 hours from Pennsylvania, I had time to think about my goals for the lesson…Being new to the sport, my main goal was to get a ride. You were very patient with me and taught me about posture and being “light on your feet”. You got me my ride with chop and onshore wind! The RRD Wassup was a great board and the sail tuning was key. I’ll be spreading the word about DelMarVa Board Sport Adventures from PA! Thanks! -Rob

We had such a great time on our sunset paddleboard trip with DelMarVa Sports. Janis, George and our guide Daylin were helpful, enthusiastic and gave first rate service. When we were told we might see dolphins during our paddle, we were hopeful, but thought it was a longshot. We didn’t just see the dolphins, they swam and jumped near us and it was absoluIely amazing! The sunset paddle is a beautiful and serene way to spend an evening and as added bonus, you get a good workout too.

We had an epic day up north in Lakes Bay. Dialed-in on a 4.5, with the amazing 8.5m RRD Wassup stand up board. Some great jumps, thanks to the foot straps… Then I took it out in head high Nicole waves for some paddle surfing. Good times! –James

Hey George, great sailing with you! You’re jumps are insane! I got a great view of your RRD twin bottom graphics, as you flew by at 20ft+ over my head from that one jump! I heard you scream, looked up, you soared by, then soft landed and blasted off towards the horizon at warp 3! HA HA you’re one crazy white boy!

Janis, I had a great time paddling with you. It was a beautiful day to be out on the water and the board felt great. By the way, I really appreciate your prompt responsiveness and attention to customer service. I think your business will thrive because of it. I look forward to more paddling to come! Monica

We had a blast learning to windsurf with George and Janis at Delmarva. The venue was perfect, George was really encouraging and they were both generous with their time and equipment. George was such a great teacher that we both learned a lot and are eager to try it again. We plan on going back next spring! Jane and Heather

Thanks for letting me demo the76 RRD wave board it was amazing how it floated thru the lulls and flew in the gusts with loose carves and easy bump jumps. The pics were great as usual. — Stan

My new Mystic Force suit worked great. I went out the Monday after Christmas which was about 32 air temp and somewhat icy water. I came out completely dry and was plenty warm, I didnt have any nasty catapults or anything but I gained a lot of confidence in the suit. Hopefully get to use it more soon. GK

Thank you! Mike was great, awesome adventure!!  You were right, Bethany canal the best place for  beginners. Loved it!