Angela SUP Love picAngela Thomas

Angela has been married for 25 years to her high school sweetheart and she has 2 sons.  She lives a super active and healthy lifestyle and feels adding SUP has been a blessing! She feels it has allowed her to be a better mom, wife and friend by getting to enjoy hours outside on her beautiful Suplove paddle boards (yes 2 Suploves).  Angela paddles with friends and by herself.  Angela is a fitness instructor and she enjoyings sharing fitness, health and paddle boarding with her family and friends.

You’ll find Angela paddling her Suplove along the Choptank River.


Natalie 2014Natalie Griffin is proud to be a Brand Ambassador for SupLove so she can share her passion for getting connected to the ebb and flow of life while standing on the ocean on a kickin’ SUP!  She is the founder of Naughty Shaman, a company that leads unique soulful workshops that help people discover their soul’s calling.  Natalie leads SUP Yoga retreats and teaches SUP yoga for DelMarVa Board Sports in DE every chance she gets!  Natalie has studied yoga and shamanism for years.  She was initiated by the Q’ero Shamans of Peru on the sacred mountain of Salkanty – the Mountain of the Undomesticatable Feminine Life-Force.  Natalie is ERYT – 200h certified Yoga Teacher, ACA Level 1 certified SUP Instructor and is crazy in love with life.


Kirstin MurphyKirsten (KJ) has spent countless summers along the Delmarva Peninsula playing in all kinds of water.  She feels an intrinsic connection to the pristine woodlands, marshes, bays and fertile farmland of the Delmarva Peninsula and its inhabitants.  She was born in Washington DC and moved to Northern Virginia to begin a corporate career at PwC after college where she received her degree in Biology. Currently, she enjoys paddling NoVA’s local waterways including the Occoquan and Potomac Rivers and Pohick Creek Watershed.  She can’t name her favorite spot, but it’s definitely in the county where she lives.  She’s been involved in water sports all her life, from swim team to kayaking to body surfing and now SUP.   While vacationing with her family at Bethany Beach, she was inspired to SUP by a local Delmarva legend, Colin Herlihy.  She looks up to people who are smart and safe on the water.  Local legends like Colin Herlihy and George and Janis Markopoulos come to mind.  But mostly she looks up to the people she sees out on the water everyday with a smile on their face while pushing themselves to paddle harder and farther.  

A lover of paddling in all its forms, the thing that keeps her stoked on paddle boarding is that it is so simple and fun!  It’s a healthy activity that anyone can enjoy while reconnecting with their core.  Most importantly, the people are awesome!  Whether it’s people she meets in local board shops to race events, everybody is so supportive and encouraging!  She feels it an honor to be a part of the SUP community at Delmarva!