What is your cancellation policy? We require 24 hours notice to cancel. In that case, we will refund your money 100%. If you don’t give us 24 hours notice, we cannot refund the money; but can provide a credit slip for future use. We feel this is fair.

Late Arrival
For guided excursions, you must arrive no later than 5 minutes after the scheduled start time to ensure your spot in the class. Arriving late is disruptive for the instructor and other clients.

Wind & Weather If for any reason wind or weather gets in the way of our paddle boarding time, we will reschedule, re-route or provide a rain check. If rescheduling is not an option, no problem! You’ll receive a full refund. Rain and storms on Delmarva are usually very localized and pass by quickly. If it’s raining in Rehoboth, it could be sunny in Milton or Vice Versa. If you have any weather questions, please call. We do not launch if there are high winds or lightening, but we will launch in drizzling conditions. In the event of wind, low tide or traffic congestion, we reserve the right to relocate the group to an alternate venue within a 20-30 minute drive.  If the weather becomes unstable during an excursion, our guides reserve the right (and we have a responsibility) to end the excursion early for safety purposes. If the excursion was not 100% completed, we can issue a credit for the unused portion. We do not issue refunds in the case of an excursion being 50% or more completed.

Additional Fees:

  • Rescue Fee: $25 per rescue
  • Late Return: A fifteen (15) minute grace period is allowed for time overages, beyond that customers will be charged for a FULL additional hour.
  • If a chase boat is dispatched to locate you, even without need of a rescue, customers will additionally be charged $25 for a retrieval.

Rental Weight Limit for Single Kayak - 250 LBS

Rental Weight Limit for Tandem Kayak - 450 LBS.

Do we have to have a guide or can we just rent paddle boards and go on our own? If you are an experienced paddle boarder and at least 18 years old, we’ll help get you launched to make recommendations on safe locations for paddle boarding. Children under 12-17 can paddle along if a parent or guardian signs a waiver, sets boundaries for their children and stays on site to enforce those boundaries. A guide is required for kids under 12. You should definitely take a phone with you in case of an emergency. We offer cell phone DryPaks for $19.95. We do have a $25 per person rescue fee if you do not listen to our suggestions regarding conditions and boundaries.

Can I rent a paddle board or kayak and take it with me? Yes you can. We offer daily, multi-day and weekly rentals. Prior reservations are a highly suggested. If you have the means of transporting gear safely, you can pick it up at our shop in Rehoboth Beach or we can deliver gear to you locally for a onetime $25 delivery fee. In season, we deliver in the morning on our way in and in the evening on our way home. Most of our gear and vehicles are deployed each morning for excursions so we may not be able to deliver gear mid-day.

What if I fall in? On average, less than 10% of paddle boarders fall in. The small percentage of folks who do fall in find it’s not that bad and quite exhilarating. In many paddle boarding areas, the water is only 2-4 feet deep. Most people just walk or swim over to their board and crawl back on. If you have paid for a guided excursions, a guide will paddle over to assist if you need help. You’ll have a life vest too!

What if I can’t swim? All participants must know how to swim to paddle board with us. If you cannot swim, we’re sorry, but you can NOT go paddle boarding with us. This is an insurance requirement.

Do I need experience to paddle board? NO, most of our customers are first timers! We cater to families and beginners and provide a lesson with all guided excursions. You should, however, be physically able to get to a standing position from your hands and knees and you should not have any balance issues.

What if I want to take a board in the ocean? We do not suggest beginners go paddle boarding in the ocean. If you do want to rent a board and go in the ocean, please let us know so we can provide you with a leash. Be sure to follow Coast Guard regulations for paddle boarding and double check with your local life guards to understand the rules and regulations before you rent a board. Each town may have a different set of rules and regs. Some beaches do not allow paddle boarding during guarded hours.

When is the best time to go paddle boarding? Normally morning and evening have the least amount of wind. Those are great times for paddle boarding. Sometimes in the afternoon, thermal winds pick up. In those cases, we offer a downwind adventure for smaller groups.

11. How old must a child be to go paddle boarding? As a guideline, we suggest age 8. However, we’ve had 6 year olds master paddle boarding and we’ve had 12 year olds who did not have enough coordination to paddle. Children must understand left from right and they must be able to follow directions such as "paddle right" or "back paddle left". We work with parents using common sense and make a decision based on the venue, weather conditions, amount of PWC traffic on the water and the parent’s knowledge of their child’s abilities. The child must know how to swim and they must have arm strength to pull a paddle through the water. They must also have enough coordination to maneuver the paddle for steering purposes. Please make sure children are fed and hydrated before bringing them on an excursion.

12. Can my child ride along with me on my board? That's a balancing act, and you may not be able to keep up with the rest of the group. We therefore do not allow ride-alongs on guided excursions. If you would like to rent a board and go on your own, we do allow children under the age of 8 to ride along with a skilled adult paddle boarder only if the child knows how to swim. Children must wear life vests. No exceptions. Please be advised, if your child falls in, you could become separated from your child if there is wind or current. It is advisable to do this only at a kid friendly venue on a non-windy day; such as our Bay Resort location; which is shallow.

13. Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my paddle boarding adventure? Yes! Do not over indulge in alcohol the night before. Eat breakfast, then come fully hydrated, bring a towel and a change of clothes in case you get wet. Wear sunscreen and shades. We highly suggest safety straps for your sunglasses. Some venue are wooded and you may consider bug spray. Be sure kids are fed and hydrated.

14. Must I wear water shoes? Most people prefer paddle boarding bare foot, but you can wear water shoes if you’d like. We cannot, however, be responsible for anything in the water that you may step on. When in doubt, use common sense.

15. Where can I get my own paddle board? We sell paddle boards at our showroom in Rehoboth Beach – TAX FREE; where you can try before you buy. We also allow rental credit to be applied toward the purchase of a paddle board up to $50 (within 7 days) so your investment in rentals and tours is not a sunken cost. We also sell our rental fleet for about 20% off at the end of season (late August).

16. Is parking FREE? We try to schedule our excursions during FREE parking times. Some venues have free parking, many do not. There is metered parking in Dewey Beach and Lewes. There is limited, free parking at the Bethany Canal, Arnell Creek, Oyster Rocks, Milton Memorial Park and at our shop. Check each town's website for FREE Parking times and locations.

17. I have a bad knee or bad back. Can I still go paddle boarding? When in doubt, check with your doctor. You must sign a Declaration of Fitness Waiver. All paddle boarders start on their knees so you must be in adequate physical shape to kneel on your knees and then go to a standing position from your hands and knees. You must also be in good enough physical condition to be able to heave yourself back up on a paddle board in case you fall off in water over your head. Use common sense and please know your own physical limitations.

18. What is an appropriate tip for my guide? Tipping etiquette is the same as in the restaurant or any service industry. 15%-20% is the norm if you feel you received great service. Guides are there to keep you safe and give you and your family a great time and they work super hard for you. If for any reason you don't feel your guide was tip worthy, please let us know what we can do to improve.

19. What is the weight limit? We have boards that will float almost all sizes of paddlers. Please let us know ahead of time if you have XL or XS riders.

20. Can we rent a board or kayak for an hour or two and share it (swap) between numerous people? This creates a lot of extra work for our staff as each person will probably need to be fitted for a paddle and life vest. It also creates congestion at our launch spot. For these reasons, we do not allow sharing or swapping of equipment at our Dewey Beach concession.