Here are the benefits of working with Delmarva Board Sports:

  • We are in TAX FREE Delaware.
  • We take the time to educate consumers on safety, paddle technique, gear care and transport.
  • Customers who buy boards from us get FREE Excursions & Lessons for LIFE!  This means you can bring your paddle board along on our regularly offered SUP excursions offered in season.
  • We offer simple layaway programs for Christmas and for spring.
  • You get a discount off all future accessory purchases after your initial board/paddle purchase (board bags, ding stick, life vests, clothing, etc.).  10% Discount if Paid by Cash/Check.  7% Discount if Paid by Credit.  You can not combine this discount with other discounts.
  • We have a rental credit program where you can apply up to $50 of demo/rental credit towards the purchase of a new stand up paddle board within 30 days of your demo or rental.  This credit can not be combined with other discounts.
  • We offer a comparative low price guarantee. If you get a printed price quote from one of our competitors, we will match the price for a comparable board.
  • We offer corporate buying programs.
  • We are passionate about what we do and it shows in our service.
Fun times!

Free Excursions for Life